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The (Free!) Way to Fall in Love

Arbron Media Associates is in the business of connections!  That is why today, we decided to look more into a special kind of connection -- the romantic variety -- particularly as it occurs in the online dating arena.  The hits that our search yielded were quite surprising.  The pieces that contained any valuable cross-sections of popular dating sites were outdated by a few years.  Some of the sites mentioned in them have even since gone under.  Perhaps the reason behind this is the result of something else we uncovered in our search: these days, people are having luck in using viral platforms such as Facebook and Tinder to find potential romantic partners, thus rendering sites like Match and eHarmony outdated.

This article talks about how people are relying more on social media sites like Facebook to meet significant others.  

Here, we read the opinion from two social science researchers who say that the complex algorithms and calculations that go into finding the perfect match on paid-for dating sites aren't as reliable as they would have you believe.  Yes, they do a good job of finding a similar mate when it comes to personality-type and interests, but when it comes to their ability to predict compatibility in how you handle real-life problems in the relationship, they fall short.

From that standpoint, maybe Facebook does offer the bigger bang for your buck, because then at least you can get the scoop from any mutual connections you have with the person you're courting?  One thing is for certain, though: The Dating Game is definitely out!  

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