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On Reaching Out to Customers


The Arbron Media Associates way: The best way to deal with a difficult customer is to treat them as royalty. Sound extreme?  At Arbron Media Associates, we say, not in the least. Apologize for any inconveniences and dazzle the customer with exceptional service. Let them vent, offer something free and let the customer know you value their business. Roll out the red carpet and you will have loyal royals! 


You may remember previous anecdotes about my paper route in Romeo, Michigan.  There, in my first job, I learned valuable lessons about business; most of which I still hold as truths today.  It turns out that in that little paper route, I faced most of the same obstacles in business that we see today.  This story is about my "Most Challenging Customer”.  These neighbors had a really mean dog.  They refused to answer their door when I stopped by for payment.  When I would finally catch up with them, they would always have an excuse about why they couldn't pay me, or worse, they would tell me that they had already paid me.  My parents would ultimately wind up footing their bill for them!  One day, my dad was helping me on a Sunday morning and we noticed that the front door of their house was open, so we stopped over to talk with them.  Dad knew just how to solve the problem…it turns out, all the man needed was a job!  Working in the industrial manufacturing sector, my father had lots of friends who were on the production side.  He recommended that our neighbor call one of these associates that owned a factory in town because they always needed help.  Our neighbor did, got a job, and was extremely grateful!  They moved from the neighborhood not long after, but for the short while that they remained my customers, they happily had the money waiting for me in an envelope with a tip each week thereafter.  Though I never quite found out what happened to them or where they went, the lesson I learned about support and outreach in business will forever stay with me.  Always be kind and empathetic.  Truly try and fix your clients' needs and they will thank you for it.


Thanks to: Faithe Rogers of Faithe's PR Services. 

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