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Millenials: Big on Streaming, but Still Watch Traditional TV

LAS VEGAS — A breakdown of younger TV-media consumer behavior shows some differences when it comes to streaming and time-shifted programming.
A new study from Consumer Electronics Association and NATPE, conducted by E-Poll Market Research, shows Gen Xers — those consumers older than millennials — tend to be the heaviest users of their time-shifted TV when it comes to video-on-demand usage: 76% use their VOD service once a week or more often, similar to their subscription video on demand usage.
Millennials — those age 13-34 — are among the largest group when it comes to streaming, and are significantly more likely to consume full-length TV programs from a streaming source: 84% have streamed in the past six months; 54% have seen live TV programming at its original air time; and 33% have viewed recorded content from a DVR.
Still, millennials haven’t given up TV entirely. While 90% of viewers say they watch TV programming on a television set, millennials are at a 85% number. But in terms of preference, only 55% of millennials say a television set is the preferred screen.
Overall, Rod Perth, president/CEO of NATPE, says more than seven in 10 viewers in broadband homes having streamed full-length TV programs in the past six months.
Research sample sizes, duration of the survey, and other parameters were not disclosed at press time. More study results will be released later this month at the NATPE||Miami conference (Jan. 20-22, 2015).

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