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It's all about the Media Mix!

It's all about the Media Mix! We all learned that in Marketing 101. And that still applies in the 21st century. But we now have the ability to break down each aspect of the media mix and evaluate how effective each piece of the puzzle is! And even more important is the ability to use that data to tweak our media mix to maximize our ROI. AMA collaborates with the same agencies "Big Business" uses to make these evaluations.

The Harvard Business Review, in the March 2013 issue, published an article entitled "Advertising Analytics 2.0", which outlines the importance of breaking down the data available into usable bites, and acting on the research. Attribution, Optimization and Allocation are the new buzzwords for Advertising Analytics 2.0. Via research, we are now able to determine which combination of media exposures sparked the consumers' action. We can now optimize our media mix, running scenarios that can help us determine what would happen if one element's spending were increased while another decreased. Finally, with the data, re-allocation of the budget using this new-found information maximized our ROI while maintaining spending.

Collaborating with Arbron Media Associates gives you access to the same research the big boys have access to! Read the entire article here, and then Call AMA to get your piece of this business dynamic!

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