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Can't Afford a Graphic Designer In-House? Find a Freelancer

In the first few weeks of business at Arbron Media Associates, we hit the ground running and assumed a lot of the branding work would catch up as we constructed our corporate identity. We had the rough workings of a logo, which we felt would suffice for the time being because we had a personal connection to it and it was a conversation-starter.  You see, the logo design is extremely special to us at AMA. Our founder's daughter sketched the design from an image taken from the patent that his grandfather submitted when he invented the sun visor found in many old models of American-made automobiles.  The spring from the visor, we found, complemented the shape of the letter "A" in "Arbron," so off she went, literally to the drawing board. This connection to our logo was important, both as a way to remind us of the values that guide us as a business (kinship, ingenuity), but also as inspiration to always strive for the same innovation that the late Tom Arbron, Sr. hatched when he invented the sun visor!  For a little while, this was enough to get us by, but as the need for business cards and professional letterhead increased, it became clear that we needed more than just a sketch.  In looking to fund a graphic design project as a start-up business, however, was money.

We turned to, which easily converted this problem into a solution.  We posted the job on the site (for free) and within minutes, we had tens of bids from freelance graphic designers looking to create an entire corporate identity for well within our price range (and a fraction of what labor would cost to hire out or take on a graphic design team in-house).  Payment was safe and only happened when we were absolutely satisfied with the outcome.  Communication was key, and always transparent.  We got exactly what we were looking for, and in a timely manner.  

To show for it in the end, we have a new logo, business cards, and letterhead that effectively conveys who we are as a company.  And that is priceless.   

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