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Building Brand Awareness with Social Media

Do new marketing channels baffle you? Or are you overwhelmed by the ways to develop your brand? From cutting edge content marketing to traditional tv ads and flyers, the most effective method can depend on your budget, your industry and your customers.

If you have a successful business website you’ve already cracked one of the big challenges. Keeping on top of changes to SEO, gaining a good grasp on search terms and posting regular content will make your business easier to discover online.

Social-media know-how can also influence your brand. A report by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that over three months 60% of consumers had interacted with a brand on Facebook. Meanwhile, 65% check out review sites such as TripAdvisor before buying.

Arbron Media Associates can help you unlock the keys to building brand awareness and navigate marketing channels that may be unfamiliar to you. Contact us today!

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