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Are you a Marketing Strategist or a Marketing Tactician?

Call Arbron Media Associates today to become a top Marketing Strategist! blog offers these 6 Steps to Become a Marketing Strategist vs a Tactician

As marketers we all share the same ultimate goal which is to gain top of mind awareness for our brand.
However, in trying to reach the goal of top mind awareness most marketers carry out the same mistakes by using old product data marketing tactics to sell their products and fail, as opposed to innovative market data marketing strategies the top 1% of marketers use to sell their products and succeed.

Below are 6 of the most successful strategies convertiFIRE marketing has found to gain top of mind awareness their brand.

1) Utilizing ROI-Driven Metrics

Bottom line, what gets measured, gets monitored. Nonetheless, its worth having in mind that measuring too many metrics can be very counterproductive thus meaning, focusing on a few key metrics is key to marketing success.
Many marketers sin by measuring every metric they have access to, rather than focusing on a few core metrics. Less than 20% of your metrics account for more than 80% of your results, thereby establishing a clear focus on a handful of metrics is the most important factor in marketing analytics & insights.
The first step in making the shift towards becoming a marketing strategist is to analyze your current marketing funnel thoroughly by asking yourself the following questions:

• What are the steps my customers go through in order to convert?
• Where am I currently struggling the most?
• How can I improve each step?

Next, make a list of all the metrics you want to measure and ask yourself: “What decision would I make differently after I’d get this number?” If you find it hard to come up with a clear cut answer, remove it from your list.

Read the entire article for the other 5 steps or call AMA to get it done for you!

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